4 Ways to Seek Peace Like Jesus Did

This article is by Ashley Hooker and published by Crosswalk
The words Jesus spoke in John 14:27 help us experience moments of peace, moments where peace is freely given. John 14:27 states “Peace I leave with you. My peace I give to you. I do not give as the world gives. Don’t let your heart be troubled or fearful.”In this passage we find Jesus speaking with his disciples before His crucifixion. We can only try to imagine the fear, doubt, and worry they must have been feeling. The last three years of their lives had been spent walking with this man. They had witnessed miracles and seen firsthand the saving grace of God. Now, Jesus was leaving them. They were going to be all alone, surrounded by people who hated Jesus.

Our world is not unlike the world Jesus’s disciples experienced. We live in a world that has trouble believing in the One True God. When we speak about Him, people become offended, and wars are started. There is no peace in our world except for the peace that comes from God.

Have you ever stepped outside while snow gently falls on the ground? Did you listen to the air as it is devoid of sound? I would often walk out on the porch of our home, which sat in the middle of a 60-acre farm, when the snow began falling. The peacefulness of those moments was carved into my soul. There were no sounds. The animals were not stirring, and birds were as still as statues.

While I watched the snow fall, I would always think about how peaceful everything was. It was as if nothing could bring harm to me.

But the peace Jesus experienced came only from the Father. He knew what was going to be needed during the days ahead for his disciples and He knows what is ahead for us.

Peace during rejection

Jesus experienced rejection just as we do. In Luke 4:16-30, we learn that Jesus has returned to His hometown of Nazareth. We would expect a warm welcome, but all Jesus receives are scoffs. His kinsmen drove Him out of town but Jesus did not fight back. He went peacefully on His way.

Throughout our lives we will experience times of rejection. You may not be accepted to the top college or you might be passed over for that big promotion. And as followers of Christ, we sometimes experience rejection for sharing the gospel. Our friends and family may even reject us. During these times we can walk away peacefully just as Jesus did.

Peace during storms

In Luke 8:22-25, Jesus is found on a boat with his disciples. He had been travelling from town to town teaching and preaching and while on the boat Jesus decided to take a nap. While sleeping a storm rises and the disciples become fearful for their lives. They wake Him up pleading for help and He calms the waters. He asks the disciples then; Where is your faith?

Have you ever been in a situation where all you can do is plead with God? The storms in our personal and professional lives can lead us to a place of despair. Unhappiness can lead to bitterness. We feel alone and peace is nowhere to be found. Just like the disciples had to learn, we must learn that our peace comes from Jesus. He can calm any storm in our lives, if we just have faith.

Peace during temptation

Matthew 4:1-11 are powerful words. Jesus, the Son of God, is going head to head with the devil himself. Satan uses Jesus’s circumstance to tempt Him. He asks Jesus to turn a stone into bread, throw himself down from the temple pinnacle and he even vows to give Jesus all the kingdoms of the world. During this trial, Jesus relies on the Word of God to fight this battle with Satan and win.

Temptation today comes from the same places Satan used in the above scriptures. Are we not hungry for food or want all that money can buy? Satan uses our circumstance and weakness to sway us farther away from God. Whenever we are tempted, we can cling to God’s Word. It will never lead us astray. It will always prove our victory in Jesus.


Peace in the cross

As believers we cherish the moment Jesus was crucified. We imagine His blood spilling to cover our multitude of sins. In this horrific moment, Jesus asks His Father to forgive the people and allows the Holy Spirit to come dwell within us.

Why is this horrific moment so peaceful? It is a bold reminder of what it took to save us from the sin which encapsulates this world. It gives a beautiful picture of what love is. John 3:16 states “For God so loved the world, that he gave His only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in Him should not perish, but have everlasting life.”

Oh, what peace that verse brings to my heart and the heart of all Christians around the world. We can rest in the cross. We can leave our burdens there. He carried that cross to its destination where He opened His arms to receive us into the kingdom of God. He was at peace with the Father’s instructions.

Peace is something we all strive for. We are looking for peace in our personal and professional lives. We are praying for the end of wars, hunger, and poverty in our world. God’s word is clear on where our peace comes from.

John 14:27 is a verse that we can carry in our hearts each day. As we wake up each morning, we have the privilege of a renewed sense of peace. No matter what comes our way, we are reminded that Jesus dealt with the same issues. He was fully human, just as we are. The lesson He continually taught through His storms, temptations, rejections, and ultimate death on the cross is that we can rest in the Lord. There is no sweeter peace than the peace that comes from God.

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