6 Prayers for Dad in Honor of Father’s Day

This article was written by Alicia Searl and published by Crosswalk


But as for me and my house, we will serve the Lord. Joshua 24:15

Father’s Day is when we celebrate and honor all the father’s in our lives. From those that hold the title “new dad” to “grandpa,” – we acknowledge you! The God-fearing men that faithfully serve the Lord and lead their families with perseverance, strength, and dignity.

However, while this holiday may be a joyful occasion for some, it conjures up mixed emotions for others. Whether it is a reminder of the missing physical presence that triggers a wave of grief or a wounded heart that resurfaces due to a painful or strained relationship, this day can be difficult. While the pain may want to sit with you, I hope the Lord brings you a sense of peace and comfort that provides a little healing. (Psalm 34:18)

Regardless of how we celebrate Father’s Day, we should take a moment to note that our fathers, especially our Christian fathers, are facing a new set of challenges. Challenges that are causing a rapid decline in the morality of our country. Today’s modern father lives in a culture that is vastly different from the generation before him due to our nation drifting further and further away from God’s Word and Truth. All these deceptions, from the identity crisis to the mass amount of information that can corrupt their thoughts and take their hearts hostage, are causing confusion and devastation.

It’s easy to see that our fathers today need wisdom, support, and guidance. They need to hold tightly to the Truth as lies target their God-given roles in fatherhood. They need a community of fellow brothers in Christ to lean on for support. They need the faithfulness of their wives to cover them in prayer and appreciate their efforts to provide, love, and lead their families. They need to be reminded of the role in which God is calling them to and stand firm in their convictions and beliefs. They need to feel honored and respected in a society that often dishonors and disrespects them.

So, fathers, we lift you up and cover you in prayer today. The fearless and faithful fathers, here are our prayers for you. Fathers that have become lost and swayed by the ways of this world, here are our prayers for you. Fathers that are disconnected from their families and left alone, here are our prayers for you. Here are our heartfelt prayers for you, all fathers, as you navigate a world that has been attacking the heart of fatherhood for quite some time. We are ready for you to be the change. We pray that you rise up and fight for the sanctity of God’s design for our families with God’s strength. And we pray that you feel honored and special today as we celebrate you!

1. A Prayer for Faithfulness

Faithful Father,

We are so thankful for your faithfulness to us, Lord. You are so good to us and lay out your instructions for us in Your Word. We lift up the fathers of this generation and ask that you open their hearts and minds to seek You in all things. Fill their minds with Truth and their hearts with compassion. Help our fathers submit to You first and foremost by remaining in prayer to stand firm in their faith. As lies and confusion targets their hearts and distracts them from the men you are calling them to be, lead them back on the path you lay before them.

We ask all these things in Your precious name.


2. A Prayer for Strength


Thank you for making us in Your image. We ask that You remind our precious fathers to remain strong and seek wisdom when they feel discouraged. In a world that often rejects them and their identity found in You, we pray You to go before them to help fight their battles. Help them be bold enough to speak up for injustice but do so in humility. Give them the courage to walk in a way that honors You, Lord, and remind our fathers that You are their source of strength. While the world wants to blend Your design of a man and woman, we pray our fathers see the unique way they were created. That they were fearfully and wonderfully made (Psalm 139:14), and You designed a man and woman differently in order to complement one another. We also pray that their wives embrace the beautiful way they were created to restore harmony and provide a spiritual example for their children.


3. A Prayer for Leadership

We are so thankful for the gift of family and that you created fathers to lead and love their families. Help our fathers lead boldly in their homes, church, and community. Give them the pride of teaching their children Your way, God. We pray for their marriage and that these fathers provide their children with a loving example of how to be faithful husbands. We pray over all their relationships and that with each interaction, they offer a glimpse of Your love to others, Lord. In their line of work, provide them with opportunities to excel and feel confident in the abilities you have given them, but also form healthy boundaries. We pray you lead them to reject passivity and instill a work ethic that provides a beautiful example for their children. As the lead in various roles, please go before them and lead them as they lead others.

We pray you help our fathers be loyal leaders in all areas of their lives.


4. A Prayer for Discipleship

Mentorship is important for both men and women, but we pray specifically that our men find another Christian man to lean on for support, guidance, and wisdom. A man that can hold him accountable and seek in times of need or counsel. Help him find and build a relationship in which he can trust and openly share his struggles so that this mentor can pray for and over him. We also ask that you provide our fathers with opportunities to mentor and disciple other younger men. Make disciples among the men in our nation and let them declare Your Truths. (Matthew 28:19-20)

Be with the men in this generation and give them relationships to grow their faith.


5. A Prayer for Community

Proverbs 27:17 tells us as iron sharpens iron, one man sharpens another. Lord, you made us for fellowship and community, especially community as brothers and sisters. We pray that our fathers find other fathers to build lasting relationships with. Fathers that are in the same season and stage of life that can share life together and gain encouragement. We know the importance of good friendships, and we ask you to bring forth friends into the men in our lives that will allow them to grow closer together while growing closer to You. As our fathers seek out friends and a community, we pray You be in the center of that community, Lord.


6. A Prayer for of Hope

We thank you, Lord, that you are our Abba Father. We pray that our fathers gain that special and intimate relationship with You above all others. That that heed Your instructions for them as Your sons and that they willfully obey. Keep their hearts and minds pure and focused on what is good. Lead them away from worldly views and help them hold tightly to the Truth found in Your Word, Lord. We pray our fathers feel empowered by You and Your Word while living in a hostile society. Please offer them the hope that comes from You. Help our fathers feel loved and appreciated this Father’s Day and in the days to come. Lead us as a community of believers to support and encourage all fathers to be fearless and faithful fathers, Lord.


As we go into Father’s Day, pray specifically for the needs of the men in your life, and add their names to these prayers, making it personal and meaningful. May we all cover our fathers in love and let them know we are covering them in prayer today and every day.

Happy Father’s Day!

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