Be Deaf to Unbelief

This article was written and published by Joel Osteen


We all have discouraging thoughts telling us what we can’t do, how we’re not going to get well or ever be successful. Sometimes people will speak negative words, say things that can limit our destiny. If we let the negative comments play in our mind, they will keep us from becoming who we were created to be. No one can make you think something. You get to choose what you dwell upon. When those lies come saying, “You’re not attractive. You don’t have a good personality. You’re too old,” you can dwell on it and let it poison you, or you can ignore it.

In the Scripture, David had people constantly speaking defeat over him and faced thoughts saying he would never reach his destiny. How did he keep his mind filled with faith? He says, “My enemies lay traps for me; all day long they say deceitful things. But I am like a deaf man–I hear nothing” (Psalm 38:12-3). If you’re going to reach your potential, you have to become deaf to the negative. When people speak defeat and discouraging thoughts come, don’t give it the time of day. Let it go in one ear and out the other.

The apostle Paul says, “So what if they don’t believe? Will their unbelief make your faith of no effect?” (Romans 3:3). Sometimes we’re wanting people to believe in us who are never going to be for us. We long for a family member to cheer us on, for a friend to encourage us, but it’s just the opposite. You have to say as Paul did, “So what if they don’t believe? I love them, but I’m going to be deaf to their unbelief.” These are tests we have to pass. There will be doubters, naysayers, people who are close to you who don’t think you can accomplish what God put in your heart. You don’t need them to believe in you. They didn’t put the dream in you.

Be respectful, but be deaf to their unbelief. The quicker you get rid of it, the better you’ll be. If you dwell on it, it will become a lie that’s infects your thinking. You can’t play defeat in your mind and have victory. You can’t think sickness and have health. You can’t dwell on thoughts of lack and have abundance. The way you keep the infection out is by dwelling on what God says about you: “You are strong. You are talented. You are valuable. Your future is bright. Your dreams are on the way.” The next time one of those lies come, just say “No, thanks. That’s not for me.” Start being deaf to the negative, deaf to the discouraging thoughts, deaf to the naysayers.

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