You Are Not Nothing: Five Ways to Pursue Real Humility

By Healing Rooms | November 15, 2021

I recently had the incomparable joy of visiting the Grand Canyon. Though visit isn’t quite the right word, I suppose. You don’t just visit the Grand Canyon — you marvel at it, stand in awe of it, catch your breath before it, and find yourself transfixed and transformed by it. You come away “canyoned” by the juxtaposed emotions of feeling smaller and bigger at the same time. As a Christian, I reveled in knowing that the Creator of such beauty also happens to be the Savior of my soul.

You Can’t Do It Alone: Change Is Easier When You Have Help

By Healing Rooms | November 8, 2021

“No, thank you. I can do it all by myself.”

I’ve read this line to my little guy dozens of times over the past few months as I’ve put him to bed.

The book we’re reading teaches children to let others help them. It says not to insist on doing tasks too advanced or carry things too heavy. As the book’s main character learns, you have to learn to accept help.

Overcoming Anxiety

By Healing Rooms | November 1, 2021

Even before the pandemic, millions of Americans were suffering from anxiety disorders, fears, and discontentment. Now, with so much more uncertainty about the future, so much job loss, widespread illness and isolation, you may be battling anxiety as you never have before. Unfortunately, too often we search in all the wrong places for something to fill our inner need for peace and contentment.

Encountering God

By Healing Rooms | October 25, 2021

When I was nine years old, I gave my heart to the Lord. I walked to the front of the church, told the pastor that I had accepted Jesus into my heart, went through some Bible classes on what becoming a Christian meant.  That was my very first God encounter.  It was simple and uncomplicated. In my heart, even at such a young age, even if I did not fully understand the magnitude of my own sins, I knew I needed a Savior. That Sunday began my journey with Christ.

The Lord Gave and Took Away Lessons on Suffering from Job

By Healing Rooms | October 18, 2021

My fourth miscarriage flattened me. I couldn’t believe it. I’d buried an infant son a few years earlier and was unprepared for yet another loss. I’d finally started to feel like myself again after Paul’s death, but the miscarriage left me bewildered and unsure of what I could trust.

Months before, my husband and I had planned to go on a retreat to the Cove in Asheville, North Carolina, but I miscarried two days before the conference.

Leadership Starts with Knowing Yourself

By Healing Rooms | October 11, 2021

When someone asks me to take on a leadership role, I experience two emotions: I’m flattered that they would ask and anxious that I won’t do a good job.

I once said yes to a leadership role and immediately had a sinking feeling that I wouldn’t be able to follow through. That sinking feeling lasted for months as I prepared for this role.

But at the same time, a Bible verse kept popping into my head. “Maybe this is a God thing,” I thought. Meditating on this passage has helped to lessen my anxiety about leading.

He Sees and Knows

By Healing Rooms | October 5, 2021

Have you ever been struggling through a difficult situation and wondered, “God, where are You? Do You see what I’m going through? Do You care?” If you’re familiar with the story in Luke 13 of the crippled woman who came into the synagogue where Jesus was teaching, I’m sure that she had wondered the same thing thousands of times. This woman “had been crippled by a spirit for eighteen years,” was bent completely forward and could not straighten up. In the midst of a large crowd gathered around Jesus that Sabbath day, He somehow noticed her, and suddenly He stopped teaching.

Handing Down the Faith

By Healing Rooms | September 27, 2021

You may find this surprising, but until very recently there were no significant studies from the social sciences on how parents can best pass their faith on to the next generation. We knew that parents mattered. We knew that the Church mattered. But what was it about parents and churches that mattered? That wasn’t so clear.

Now we know, thanks to a new national study of religious parents in the United States, conducted under the leadership of sociologist Christian Smith, a professor of sociology at Notre Dame.

God Never Makes a Mistake

By Healing Rooms | September 20, 2021

God never makes a mistake.

I vividly remember those words, a chapter title in Evelyn Christenson’s book What Happens When Women Pray.

Honestly, when I first read them, I was cynical. They sounded trite and naive. I arrogantly assumed that the author hadn’t struggled much in her life, or else she wouldn’t have made such a bold claim. In my mind, God was good and all-powerful, but to say that he never made mistakes had sweeping implications that seemed inconsistent with the massive evil and suffering in the world.

How Do I Help Others Understand Depression & Anxiety?

By Healing Rooms | September 13, 2021

Depression is a dark, lonely place. For me, it feels as though I am trapped, drowning, with no hope of rescue. This has been my reality for as long as I can remember.

I’ve seen counselors, taken the gamut of medications and been unofficially diagnosed with a bunch of guesses. On bad days, I think I’m just what a misguided but well-meaning friend suggested: a worrywart.