Why Your Breakthrough Is Closer Than You Think

This article is by Kenneth Copeland Ministries


Have you been searching high and low for your breakthrough? Find out why it’s closer than you think.

Does your breakthrough seem far off in the distance?

Your finances or health have been limping along, and you need a turnaround—quickly. You pray, you plead, you ask others to intercede. Yet, still, that breakthrough doesn’t seem to come one bit closer.

It’s time to consider an important question. Are you looking in the right place?

It’s tempting to look at outside sources or changes as a sign that breakthrough is here, but your victory isn’t out there somewhere—it’s much closer than that. Not closer in time—closer in proximity. In fact, it’s right under your nose.

Like a treasure map, we’re taking you to the place where you can find the victory you need. Here are the reasons why your breakthrough is closer than you think.

1. Your Breakthrough Is Inside, Not Outside

“He who is in you is greater than he who is in the world.” –1 John 4:4 (ESV)

When you’re pressed for a change—whether in your finances, health or relationships—it’s easy to look where everyone else does—to the world. They offer so many “solutions,” after all.

There’s a medicine for every symptom under the sun, a loan for every financial hardship, and a trendy relationship approach around every corner. But have you ever noticed that these quick fixes don’t always work? At best, they put a bandage on the underlying issue that remains unaddressed—waiting to crop back up again. They don’t get to the root.

They don’t provide what you desire most—BREAKTHROUGH.

A breakthrough means you’ve busted through every barrier and hindrance that’s kept you from achieving the desires of your heart. You’ve completely destroyed the devil’s attempts to steal, kill and destroy. That’s something the world can’t do.

Most Christians agree: God is for us, and God is with us. But how many know and live by the fact that God is in us? John 14:17 (GW) says, “He lives with you and will be in you.” He can’t get any closer than that!

Sometimes, it seems like Christians are searching “out there somewhere” for the power of God. All along, it’s right there with them—in fact, living inside them—waiting to be accessed. What a blessing to know that God is so within reach and that His almighty power is stirring within our spirits, waiting to be activated.

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If you’ve been looking to outside sources to fix your body, your marriage or your finances, you’re looking in the wrong place. Your breakthrough is inside you.

The Greater One is in you—and the Spirit of God isn’t passive; He is THE SPIRIT OF POWER! That power is unstoppable, and it never ever fails.

Your breakthrough is closer than you think. But first, you’ve got to become God-inside minded.

E.W. Kenyon said, “For us to become God-inside minded is for us to become victors.”

When you take the time to meditate on the fact that the power of God—the same power that raised Jesus from the dead—is living inside you, your countenance will begin to change. You’ll realize that everything you need to see breakthrough is already in you. All you have to do is release it into your circumstances.

The Greater One lives in you. That’s as close as the power of God can get! Reach out, tap into it and release it into your life.

2. Your Breakthrough Is in Renewing Your Mind

“The kingdom of God is within you.” –Luke 17:21 (NKJV)

If you want to become God-inside minded, it begins with a change in the way you think. People are raised in this world as outside-in people, with the idea that everything I need is out there somewhere. The government has it, my family has it, my boss has it and I need it.

Not if you’re born again.

And especially if you’ve been baptized with the Holy Spirit.

The power to transform your life is inside you. But you have to know it. That’s why your breakthrough comes as you renew your mind and change your spiritual imagery. Learn to see God as your Source—His power and His Spirit living on the inside you—not the world and what it has to offer.

If the kingdom of God is within you, then everything you need is in you—but you have to know a treasure is there to dig it up. You must renew your mind to the fact that you are no longer subject to the curse—lack, sickness, fear, failure, and everything evil or wrong.

The kingdom of God is the kingdom of THE BLESSING: abundance, health, faith, success, and everything good and right. We may be in this world, but we are certainly not of its corrupt system.

We thrive in the midst of serious economic circumstances and flourish in the midst of bad news. We prosper in spite of everything negative going on around us.

Your mind decides who you’ll depend on. If you’re world-conscious, you’ll be looking to the world for answers. If you’re God-inside minded, you’ll begin to depend upon the power of God inside you first and foremost.

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Renew your mind and get a revelation of 1 Corinthians 6:19 (NIV) which says, “Do you not know that your bodies are temples of the Holy Spirit, who is in you?”

With God’s Spirit residing in you, your possibilities are limitless. As you truly realize that, it will make you a fearless warrior and a repeat victor.


3. Your Breakthrough Is in Your Words

“Out of the abundance of the heart his mouth speaks.” –Luke 6:45 (NKJV)

When you renew your mind to living inside out, you’ll find your words will begin to line up with that revelation. That’s a good thing because your breakthrough is in your words.

What you believe is what you’ll speak. If you don’t know the power of the living God is inside you—the power that heals, the power that delivers, the power that sets free, the power that reverses poverty and lack—you won’t speak those words into your life.

You see, your words matter. They have POWER, and they frame your world. Mark 11:23 is clear: You’ll have whatever you say. That means what you spoke yesterday is what you have today.

You may not be able to change your circumstances, but you can choose the words you speak. You can change your future because your breakthrough is in your words.

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When you say something, you should intend for your words to go and accomplish what you desire. Expect that they are going to come back having accomplished what you sent them to do.

Don’t allow yourself to live outside in. It’s time to live from the inside out! Your words, coming from the power of the Spirit of God inside you, will move mountains.

4. Your Breakthrough Is in Your Spirit

“[Build] yourselves up…praying in the Holy Spirit.”—Jude 20 (NKJV)

There is an answer to your current problem—an answer science can’t come up with, the internet hasn’t solved, and every self-help book in the bookstore is helpless to address.

You’ve tried every medicine, seen more doctors than you can count. You’ve worked to grow your business or ministry, or done everything possible to earn that promotion. You’ve tried to be a better spouse, and you’ve prayed and prayed for your marriage.

Still…things aren’t changing.

If that’s where you are today, your breakthrough is in your spirit. It’s always been there. Everything you’ve ever needed is living there. When you train yourself to be led by the Spirit of God—your inward witness—you’ll hear things you would never have thought of on your own.

That’s what a man from Texas did to see the breakthrough he needed. With only a fifth grade education and having come from a family that lived in poverty, he became a multimillionaire through the leading of the Holy Spirit.

By turning inside to the leading of the Holy Spirit, he made millions on investments and never lost one dime! After being asked by friends about his success, he shared his secret:

“When someone comes along with an idea for an investment, I don’t allow myself to think about it mentally. Instead, I go into my closet and pray. I wait as long as it takes until I hear something. Sometimes it can take as long as three days. I come out for some meals and a little sleep, but mainly I remain quiet and alone with the Lord until I know by an inward witness what I am to do.”

He shared that there were times when an idea seemed like a really good one that would surely bring a return, but his inward witness told him not to invest. At others, it seemed like a dead-end opportunity, but his spirit told him to move ahead and invest. Every single time, he made the right choice.

Following the inward witness gave him special insight into the supernatural and how to become financially prosperous. This man knew the answers to every need or question would never be found from outside sources. He knew everything he needed was on the inside of him.

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Praying in the spirit will bring you revelation wisdom and knowledge about your situation. Whatever your need, the Holy Spirit will give you the answer. Quite often, it will be far outside anything your natural mind would have thought of and far different than what the world has advised.

That’s why your breakthrough is in your spirit. As Gloria Copeland says, “Praying in the spirit makes you smarter than yourself.”

You can inquire of things with God and find the answer to any question, any problem you have. The wisdom of God is accessed when you pray in the spirit. It unlocks answers. That’s where the counsel of God is found—inside you.

5. Your Breakthrough Is in Your Love

“Love never fails…”—1 Corinthians 13:8 (NKJV)

Love is THE key to breakthrough. If you need healing—love is the answer. If you need finances—love is the answer. If you need a miracle in your marriage or with your family—love is the answer.

God is Love. He’s living inside you, and Love never fails in any situation. Do you know and believe the love God has for you? Do you believe it enough to trust that His love for you will never fail? Faith for every breakthrough is rooted in knowing and believing the love God has for you (1 John 4:16).

When you have a deep revelation of God’s love for you, it is so much easier to walk in love toward others—in forgiveness, humility and kindness. This puts you in a position to receive all He has for you!

Your breakthrough is in your love. But not just any love—the love of God living on the inside of you.

When you have love, you can move mountains. It’s the love of God inside you—as you rely on and share it with others—that will will cause your breakthrough to come to pass.

6. Your Breakthrough Is in Your Praise

“…all the doors were opened.” –Acts 16:26 (NKJV)

Do you need some doors opened? Your breakthrough is in your praise.

When you’re God-inside minded, you’re focused on Him living in you, and that is something to shout about! Your praise will come forth from the inside out, and you’ll start seeing BIG changes in your life because your breakthrough is in your praise.

Andrew Wommack puts it this way, “Praise isn’t like the caboose that just follows what happens, but it’s more like the engine of a train that makes things happen.”

The devil wants to keep you from thinking about praise while you’re in the process of believing because he knows it’s an important key to breakthrough. Remember when Paul and Silas were locked up in the bowels of a prison? Things looked pretty grim. Most people would be begging and pleading with God to get them out, or considering all the ways they’d served Him and wondering how they could possibly deserve what was happening.

Instead, Paul and Silas “were praying and singing hymns to God” (Acts 16:25, NIV). The result? “All the prison doors flew open, and everyone’s chains came loose” (verse 26, NIV). All the doors. Every chain. All because of praise and thanksgiving to God.

Where did an earthquake come from that didn’t happen anywhere but in that jail? Earthquakes don’t knock bonds off wrists while leaving a jail intact. Where did it come from? It came out of Paul’s and Silas’ spirits. Praise coming from the inside out.

Your breakthrough is in your praise—coming from the power of the Spirit of God living inside you. It’s in there right now. All you have to do is call it forth and let praise come out of your mouth. The power is there. All you have to do is tap into it.

Your breakthrough is closer than you think—it’s already inside you! Can you see it? When you become God-inside minded, nothing can stop you from taking the victory you’ve been seeking. The desire of your heart is His will for you. The best part is—you’ve already got it!

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