Wrong Voices Lead to Wrong Choices

This article was written and published by Joel Osteen


We all have people who are influencing us, people who are in our ear. We’re listening to their counsel, following their suggestions, trusting what they say. The question is: Are they the right people? You shouldn’t take advice from everyone. You shouldn’t be swayed by every opinion. You need to look at their track record. Where are they in life? Have they made good decisions? Do they honor God? Do they have your best interests at heart? You have to be careful who’s in your ear. If you have wrong voices, you’re going to make wrong choices. If you hang around friends who compromise, coworkers who gossip, and relatives who get you all stirred up, they’re not moving you toward your destiny. Their example, their advice, and how they’re influencing you will keep you from your potential.

I’m not saying to not ever take advice from others, but be selective. Some people will tell you how to run your life, but they can’t even run their own life. They’re giving you relationship advice, but they’ve been through six breakups. They’ll tell you how to invest and spend your money, but they can’t pay their own bills. Before you take that advice, consider the source. Do they have credibility? Do they have good character? Are they a person of integrity and excellence?

Even people who love you and want you to succeed may not give you the right advice. You should weigh every suggestion, every piece of advice, against what you feel in your spirit. God will not speak to other people about your life without speaking to you. You can hear from God. You don’t have to run to someone else to see what you should do. The Scripture says, “If anyone needs wisdom, let him ask of God, and He will freely give it” (James 1:5). I’ve found that the more you ask God, the less you have to depend on people. He has given us the Holy Spirit to live inside us and to be our counselor, our guide, our adviser. He’ll give you advice. He’ll help you make the right choices. You have to look inside, and you’ll sense that still small voice telling you what you need to do. It may just be an impression, an urging, not in your head but in your heart, giving you clear direction.

Every morning we should pray as the psalmist did, “Lord, give me a discerning mind” (Psalm 119:169). He was saying, “Lord, help me to tune out the wrong voices, and bring me the right voices. Help me to see beneath the surface, to hear Your voice, and make decisions that honor You.” If you’re selective about who’s in your ear, you’re going to have wisdom to make the right decisions.

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