The Treasure Slipping Silently Away

Imagine yourself on a large ship in the middle of the ocean. In your possession is a small box containing what’s most precious to you. Perhaps a small fortune of gold lies inside. Perhaps a single photograph of a grandmother who raised you from birth. Perhaps the box contains the crown jewel of your life’s work. Perhaps a former wedding ring. Whatever your treasure, imagine that by some untimely movement, in one sudden and unthoughtful moment, you knock this box over the ledge. Imagine the dread, the panic, the plummeting of your heart as you watch it tumble overboard.

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A Practical Guide to Hearing From God

We live life at high speed.

Often, we don’t realize how our frenetic pace can influence us. Though technology can benefit us, it can also create noise that makes meeting with God, and hearing from Him, next to impossible.

How Busyness Gets in the Way of Hearing From God

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Let Freedom Ring

Today you may not feel free. There may be some things that you are fighting, things that you want to get free from–addictions, anxieties, lack, fear. No matter what battle you are facing, let this be the day you declare your freedom. The apostle Paul says, “It is for freedom that Christ has set us free. Stand firm, then, and do not let yourselves be burdened again by a yoke of slavery” (Galatians 5:1). You may have to stand and press through for a little while. You may have a spiritual battle on your hands, but know that freedom is yours the day you declare it. Let freedom ring loudly in your life and embrace the victory He has in store for you!

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Laughter Is Great Medicine

“I have come that they may have life, and that they may have it more abundantly” (John 10:10, NKJV).

Jesus lived and died so that we can experience abundant life. How often do we pass over those words without stopping to grasp the amazing truth they hold. Jesus did not come so that we can merely survive life. Pagans can survive life. God’s plan is for us to thrive in the midst of the days, months, and years we call life. A continual feast of joy – with every breath we take.

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For Those with Little Faith

“O you of little faith” is our English way of rendering just one Greek word, which Jesus may in fact have coined — a mash-up of the words for little and faith. “O you of little faith” are the small-trusts, the meager-confidences, the weak-believes. I often find myself among them.

You can recognize them, first, by their anxious care (Matthew 6:25–33). Though they walk in a world where birds feast and flowers dress like kings, they find themselves easily troubled by their own needs. Does God see them?

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How God Is Healing My Depression

As my counselor welcomed me and sought to understand my depression, I felt the worn, oversized seat beneath me. I rested my arm on its soft leather and thought of two metaphorical chairs.

One chair was comfort and safety. The other was vulnerability and faith. There’s always a story behind how depression creeps into someone’s life, and I was about to share mine.

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Victory Starts in Your Thinking

We all go through things that are unfair–people do us wrong, the company let us go, we came down with an illness. It’s easy to live with a victim mentality, thinking we’re at a disadvantage, we were shortchanged, we can’t do anything great. We can’t love again, because the last person hurt us. We can’t live happy, because we’ve lost too much. As long as you accept that you’re a victim, you’re going to get stuck. Don’t use what you’ve been through as an excuse to feel sorry for yourself, to limit you, to not pursue your dreams.

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Is it Biblical to Love Myself?

As a Bible teacher in our church, pastor’s wife, and speaker, I come across women on a regular basis who struggle with feelings of inferiority and worthlessness. In spite of the fact that many authors and teachers address the issue, from my perspective, the struggle seems to be more prevalent now than ever before.

I can think of several reasons for this—including that we live in a culture where human life is not valued as sacred. The threat of being “cancelled” on social media, along with news headlines about sexual abuse even within “Christian” settings only makes the situation worse. Many people, not just women, are subjected to all kinds of maltreatment and even exploitation.

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Why Is Listening So Hard?

Know this, my beloved brothers: let every person be quick to hear, slow to speak, slow to anger. (James 1:19)

I don’t suppose I need to convince you that the apostle is right when he says we should be “quick to hear.” You know that listening is good. Both your personal experience and our Lord’s call to “love your neighbor as yourself” make the value of listening clear. Indeed, how will we ever speak words of Christ-centered hope and wisdom if we have not first listened attentively so that we might know what will be profitable to share?

But if it’s so obvious that listening is good, why is listening so hard?

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Art and Culture – What is a Christian’s Responsibility?

Kelly Kruse wilted in her studio, tearful blue eyes sinking toward the floor.

She’d had a rough night amidst a rough year. The year walked her through a bout of deep depression and the night, a nightmare.

The former opera singer found solace in one of her favorite musical compositions – Brahm’s A German Requiem. Its lyrics consist completely of Scripture, beginning with “Blessed are the suffering.”

A chorus of voices booms…

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